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Playing with Impressionism

Pansy in a Breeze

I find it so much fun to challenge myself to create impressionistically imagery photographically. I have more ideas up my sleeve than time, so I have barely scratched the surface in working in this manner.  Here are a few of my images. They are all quite different from each other.  Some of these images were created through camera movement; some through multiple exposures; some multiple images. One was created simply by letting the water’s current and sunlight create the image.

A time for respite

Trees in a Rain Storm

Autumn Walk in the Old Churchyard

Foxglove in the Wild

Blue Hydrangea

Trees in Reflection

Autumn’s Arrival

Orange Poppy

Evening’s Sunlight Stream

What fun to use nature as a canvas to create painterly images. I hope you have enjoyed these not-quite realistic images.


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