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When Does One Become a Photographer?

I am still pondering this question and have no answer—–but here’s my story:

Like so many people, I’ve used a camera to take pictures of family, friends, and special events since I was a child with a Brownie camera. Photography was a way to remember days gone by.  That all changed when I took a photography workshop with the renowned creative photographers, Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant. I had never considered photography an art form until then.

Freeman and Andre encouraged me to experiment with my camera in ways that I never thought possible. They challenged me to explore line, color, and shape imaginatively. They enticed me to create painterly images by using my camera as if it were a paint brush. In essence, Freeman and Andre gave my creative spirit permission to explore photography as art, to ignore the rules—and to observe in new ways. What a gift!

I absolutely love creating photographic imagery that captures a mood, evokes a sense of wonderment, or challenges the eye. Both nature and the city inspire me to create realistic, impressionistic, abstract, or linear photographic art. I am excited to work with my camera to create these different artistic styles.

Most of the imagery in these theme galleries have been created by using standard photographic picture-taking. In some galleries you will find photo images created from double exposure, multiple exposure, zooming, deliberate camera movement—and admittedly, some non-standard breaking-the-rules picture-taking. (Admittedly, I really like breaking the rules.)

My earliest images included in these galleries will have been taken with my  Canon AE1, which gave me fabulous pictures when I possessed limited technical skills. Many of my photo images were captured with my much-loved Nikon F100 film camera—now (sadly) retired. My Nikon D300 has been my trusty companion since mid 2008. Although there are camers with more technical capabilities, I love this camera.

 I hope you enjoy this multi-gallery exhibit.  I shall continue to add more galleries to this website. Also, I shall add images to some of the currently-available  galleries.    Joen

Joen Wolfrom

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