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Light Play

Light—-what an intriguing subject, particularly with photography. This photo collection is really off the beaten track. No quiet landscapes here.  Instead, you’ll see city lights, water drops, and fireworks. Unconventionally, I’ve promoted the use of visual echoes and camera noise in a couple of these images to promote the effects I want.

These images are meant to be carefree and fun.  Doing creating photography gets my creative juices flowing. I love the challenge of trying to take unexpected imagery that is usually unbalanced and attempt to create an artistic work of art. This does keep me out of mischief!   Thanks for checking out my “light” photography. Let me know which you like best.

City Lights at Play

Night lights in the city

Woven Lights

Seattle Port at Night & Elliot Bay

Fourth of July Fireworks

Night Circle Play

Modern Art from the Sky

Night’s Line Dance

Pathways in the Night

Whose Moons are These?

Kinetic Energy—Night Lights in Seattle

A camera at night can be such a toy! It’s fun to play in the dark….as long as there is light.  Enjoy!


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