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Seattle—A Gem of a City


Seattle, known as the Emerald City, is a gem.  It is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. It is nestled along the shores of Puget Sound and Lake Washington on the western side of Washington State. Seattle has a beautiful, vibrant downtown, scores of parks and beaches, views of the most amazing scenery, including Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountain Range, and the Cascade Mountain Range with Mount Rainier. Lake Union and Green Lake are the largest lakes within the city. Having beautiful late springs, summers, and falls, this is an area of wonderful gardens.  The Seattle Center, the Symphony Hall, Pike’s Place Farmers’ Market, the sports arenas, a myriad of excellent restaurants, the public library system, and ferry-boat rides are just a few of the many features awaiting both local folk and visitors.

I was born and raised in Seattle when Seattle was a much smaller city—in the days when it was quite isolated and few people moved here from other parts of the country. Much has changed since my earliest memories, but its beauty and vibrancy are still part of its core. I will continue to love this city, as it’s still a part of my soul. Because I have not photographed Seattle in many years, in 2010 I decided to take a photography workshop with Bryan Peterson, one of my favorite photographers.  It was a great experience seeing my favorite city behind the lens of my camera. Bryan kept us shooting from morning until night. This gallery is made up of a couple of handfuls of  images that I shot during this long August weekend. You will notice that these images are primarily of the downtown area and the SoDo District—no  gardens or basic scenery.  That shoot will come at a later date. I hope you enjoy this group of images. Let me know which is your favorite.   Joen

Seattle Space Needle at night

Seattle, downtown and Elliot Bay at night

Silhouette of part of downtown Seattle at dusk

Seattle’s Smith Tower at dusk



Look, guys, NO traffic!
Downtown Seattle I-5 corridor


Quest Field—Seattle’s football and soccer stadium




Playing with Seattle’s SoDo night lights near Safeco Field—
Safeco Field as it’s never been seen!


Seattle’s SoDo District with Safeco Field at dark



Seattle’s SoDo District at dark, Elliott Bay and Quest Field, the football and soccer stadium

Kinetic energy at dark—-Seattle’s downtown lights at play

Seattle’s nighttime skyline

Seattle’s Alki Point fishing pier and Olympic Mountain Range in the distance


Flowers i& cascading water, Westlake Mall, Seattle



Clock Tower at Dusk, Seattle



Seattle summer evening sky with moon



I hope you enjoyed this eclectic collection of Seattle images.


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